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To create a community for heart-centered women speakers, trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs dedicated to building relationships focused on collaboration, support and business growth in sharing their message and making a positive difference for others.  Women from across the globe sharing their stories and their gifts in our wisdom success circles to empower, educate, and mentor others.


Hello!   My name is Mary Liu, Founder of Empowered Women Speakers and CEO of Truth for Transformation.   I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Mentor, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Best-Selling Author of  “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women” 

I enjoy ballroom dancing, singing karaoke, and spending time with family and friends and my community of sisters.

How Can I Support You:

As a leading  authority on empowering women to find their voice and speaking their truth so that they can be heard and seen for their confident and authentic self, I provide a platform for women to share their message with the world.  I do this through my women’s empowerment workshops, retreats, annual conference, on WebTV and in our anthology books.

Many of my clients have found after implementing my proven Own Your Story, Own Your Success formula that they have transformed their relationships, businesses, and their life by seeing their own brilliance in a new light.  They enjoy a more joyful and fulfilling life in authenticity and most importantly, finding inner peace and freedom.

What You Are Going to Find in This Website:

“How-To” tutorials,  resources, and interviews from experts for ways to share your message to a global audience, strategies to gain visibility, credibility, and profitability for your speaking, coaching, consulting, and training business. I, along with experts I will be interviewing will be covering everything to build your business easier and faster with proven results, how to create an online and offline presence using Social Media, Internet Marketing strategies, Public Relations, Branding, Communication Skills, Networking Skills, Sales & Marketing, Public Speaking, Webinars, Teleseminars, Videos,  Interviews, Radio Shows, and so much more.

This site is constantly a work in progress so please visit us frequently as I will be adding more quality content each week.

Please bookmark this site now for easy reference later.

Be Bold.  Be Seen. Be Brilliant!





Mary Liu | Founder | Empowered Women Speakers |
Speaker | Trainer | Women’s Empowerment Mentor
415.237.3367 | Mary@EmpoweredWomenSpeakers.com

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