Autographed by Mary Liu, co-author of Amazon’s # 1 Best-Selling Book “Speaking Your Truth, Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women”, Volume 3.

Read Mary’s story “Put a Smile on My Face” on Page 225.



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“I was overwhelmed by how courageous and vulnerable these truly remarkable women have made themselves—for a chance to change someone else’s life.” – Dr. Jeanine Zinner

Healing, Loss, Self-Discovery, Defining Moments and Relationships are the topics covering Volume III of Speaking Your Truth. Personal stories are the foundation for our connections to others. No matter what you have experienced in in the past, nor what you are up against today – these stories will uplift and inspire you every moment along the way.

In Speaking Your Truth you’ll find 42 individual stories written by women for women. Their stories provide inspiration and heartfelt truths, some of which have never been shared before. In this book you will gain valuable insights into:

• The moments that have defined and inspired your life.
• Moving forward with grief and transitions.
• Overcoming obstacles and challenges.
• Seeing your connection to others.
• And Much More!

Never feel alone again through the discovery that many other people have also experienced similar life stories to your own. This book will give you the courage to stand up and speak your own truth.

“Many women believe secrecy is the price they must pay for the past. The authors of Speaking Your Truth decide that secrecy is a prison. By airing out the skeletons in their closets, they discover how different the truth is from what they were told. And they learn to love and value themselves—no matter what..” – Carol Marleigh Kline, author of Streetwise Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment


5.0 out of 5 stars  Very Inspiring and insightful! 
By Tami McGirr
I am one of the contributing authors of this book. Inside you will find many compassionate and humbling stories told from women of all different backgrounds who have been gracious enough to share. After reading the other stories, I laughed, cried and also gained insight to different situations we all face as women. It’s an overwhelming feeling to know we are not alone, other’s go through tough times. It’s truly wonderful and amazing to see how courageous women get through the dark times too! This book is all about the “power” within each of us! It’s a must read for everyone you know.

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  1. Case studies and personal stories are powerful tools that enable us to draw strength, courage, and sometimes even actions from the experiences of others. Thank you for making this book available.
    Ann Bell

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