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Jack Ma gives encouragement at Alibaba women’s conference
Article Appears on Xinhua and Staff Reporter 2015-05-21 17:23 (GMT+8)
An international women’s conference organized by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group opened on Wednesday in Hangzhou in eastern China, for businesswomen to share their entrepreneurial experience.

During his speech, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said the internet age has provided women with unprecedented opportunities in business.

The internet economy is about user experience. Compared with men who are more interested in exploring the external world, women are better at looking inward and get closer to the hearts of customers, he said.

Over 50% of the online shop owners registered on Alibaba’s shopping platform are women. Female shop owners generally have better credibility than their male counterparts, he said. Ma said that Alibaba also owes its success to its women employees. “About 49% of our employees are women and 34% of top managers are female,” he said.

“Women will be the future leaders of the world,” Ma said, “and those who can be better adapted to changes will be the future winners. Women have more flexibility than men.”

Discussing the advantages women have in starting their own business, Ma said, women are more loyal in careers; they are more resilient when facing setbacks; they are more considerate and know better the art of balance, for they have been striving for a balance between family and work.

Ma’s opinion was echoed by Liu Qing, president of the popular taxi-hailing company Didi Dache. She said the cultures of companies with female managers usually value balance, harmony and tolerance. Women tend to be more sensitive than men and that sensitivity can help a female manager to better lead her team, she said.

Sharing her experience, media guru Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, provided her tips for women who aspire to run a successful businesses. Female entrepreneurs should persevere, have no fear to risk and to fail, and always take time to look inward and explore their own intuition and wisdom, she said.

According to Alibaba, the event has attracted some 800 women from around the world. Alibaba is considering making the conference a regular event.

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