At Empowered Women Speakers, we want you to have the resources and skills needed to rock your next speaking engagement.  Work directly with Mary and her team of experts to accelerate your speaking skills to reach your specific goals faster, easier, and with more clarity than ever!  We take a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring our clients incorporating the whole person …mind, body, and soul to bring out the authentic you!

We are passionate about supporting you so you can reach your highest potential and shine as you share your message with the world.  We’ll help you work towards your goals, and enable you to get there faster and with fewer “bumps in the road” and be right beside you cheering you all the way!

Our programs allow for sessions that can either be one-on-one, in-person, over the telephone, via webinar, or by Skype.  Group sessions are also available.  For Group rates, please contact Mary at 415.237.3367 for a quote.

Coaching Services Include:
• Speaking Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Communication Skills
• Train the Trainer Skills
• Stage Presence
• Voice Coaching
• Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
• Creating Your Signature Talk
• Storytelling – Crafting & Telling Your Story
• How to Get Booked as a Speaker
• Creating Your Speaker One Sheet
• Creating Your Speaker’s Website
• Speaking on TED stages
• How to Create a Speaking Business
• How to Use Social Media to Build Your Visibility
• How to Get Found on the Internet by Event Planners
• Where to Find Speaking Engagements
• Learn Low to No Cost Marketing Skills
• Create Effective Powerpoint Presentations
• How to Use Teleseminars & Webinars for Lead Generation
How to Create Your Own Workshops / Seminars
• How to Create Your Own Retreats
• Learn How to Sell Your Products & Services from Stage
• Networking Skills
• Learn Personality Profiling Skills to Read Your Audience
• Business Strategies
• Learn How to Get Corporate Sponsors to Fund Your Events
• Event Management Services

One-on-One Private Sessions are 60-minutes:

$250/per session

Number of Hours
Skills You Need Help With:

12-month package = $225/month

You will receive two (2) 60-minute private sessions each month. You will automatically be billed $225/month for 12 consecutive months.

6-month package = $250/month

You will receive two (2) 60-minute private sessions each month. You will automatically be billed $250/month for 6 consecutive months.

3-month package = $275/month

You will receive two (2) 60-minute private sessions each month. You will automatically be billed $275/month for 3 consecutive months.

Your sessions are totally confidential.

When working with one of our experts, you will receive sage advice and sound guidance from someone who has been through exactly the same process you’re going through right now.  The best part is they’ve already walked in your shoes and can steer you in the right direction that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Choose the package that’s right for you today so you can start finding your voice, sharing your message, and be heard and seen for your brilliance!

Here’s what others are saying about Mary Liu’s Services

Marketing & Business Coaching:

Lisa Jing | Synergy at Work “Mary has a remarkable gift for marketing and promoting new entrepreneurs. She easily recognizes promotional opportunities that I never would have thought of for generating speaking engagements, establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, and using social media to gain visibility and establish credibility in business. During the several years that Mary and I have been acquainted, I’ve become much more effective in marketing my consulting practice from the suggestions and advice that Mary has offered. She’s got the practical knowledge and proven experience of what works in the market today. Most importantly, Mary has a deep commitment to helping women entrepreneurs find their voice, clarify their message, and summon the courage to be bold in living and delivering their message. She has both challenged and supported me in my journey. She even came up with the working title of my first book as a solo author!”  Lisa G. Jing, Founder / CEO, Synergy at Work, Inc.
Leela Francis | Vividly Woman “Mary provided promotion and marketing training for our Vividly Woman Coach Training program and brought clarity, simplicity and enthusiasm to a topic that could easily be overwhelming and intimidating. The students were expertly guided and inspired to take the next step in launching their coaching business. Thank you Mary for sharing your gifts with our trainees.”  Leela Francis, Founder Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Training  
“I learned so much in Mary Liu’s 4-week social media webinar. Mary over delivers with valuable content and I loved the hand’s on ability to work on our social media pages during the webinar.  My FaceBook stats for the last week of the course were +400% in people talking about my page and +623% in total reach!  Mary is a well versed expert in social media and I recommend her highly if you want to be more successful and visible through social media!  She’s warm, easy to work with, positive, and supportive. Carol  Lorraine, Alive With Creating   
 Event Management Services:Leela Francis | Vividly Woman“It was such a blessing to have Mary on our team as event manager in San Francisco. She gracefully looked after so many details and arrangements that the whole event seemed to flow effortlessly. She found a venue that suited us perfectly, communicated with the meeting planner to negotiate an awesome deal, oversaw all the set up and tear down, and made sure that all items were addressed with the venue once we were done. I couldn’t dream of a better event manager and thank goodness I won’t ever have to!”  Leela Francis, Founder Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Training

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