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MARY LIU  | Speaker | Trainer | Facilitator
Best-Selling Author | 
Visibility Empowerment Mentor

For keynote speaking, press, publicity and all media contact
Mary at 415.237.3367

Most Requested Presentations:

“Own Your Story and You Will Own Your Success”

In this presentation, Mary will inspire and motivate you to recognize and celebrate your own successes through the poignant stories she shares about living a life “hiding” in shame, guilt, and secrets from the day she was born to 46 years later finally speaking her truth and unveiling her mask and allowing people to see her authentic self.  She shares why releasing your shame and having your voice heard can help you overcome challenges in your life, relationships, and your business.  Mary shares her lessons learned and why sharing your story of adversity is the key component to owning your success.  You will walk away seeing your own brilliance in a new light.

You will learn:

  • Why sharing your story is a key component to transforming your life and business success.
  • Discover one simple technique to help you through challenging times.
  • Inspire a greater belief in one’s self to help focus on achieving your goals.
  • Walk away empowered and inspired!


“Your Little Voice:  Friend or Foe?  Partner or Adversary, You Decide!”

We all have a little voice inside our head.  On good days, your little voice can be your best cheerleader, but on bad days, it can be your worst nightmare.  Your little voice is so powerful it can make or break a relationship, determine the outcome of your goals, or even the success of your business.

  • Learn how to gain control of your little voice so it behaves the way you want.
  • Learn 7 little voice management techniques.
  • Discover how your self talk can negatively or positively determine your success.


“Step Up and Stand Out in a Bigger, Bolder, Brilliant Way”  

In this high-content, interactive program, Mary will share her marketing secrets on how you can step up and stand out in a bigger, bolder, more brilliant way to showcase YOU and/or your business!  You will walk away with resources you can immediately implement to create more visibility, credibility and profitability.

You will learn:

  • The secrets to relationship networking
  • Online strategies to get seen!
  • The tools you need to stand out in a crowd
  • The importance of a great First Impression

“Own YOUR Success:  Let Your Brilliance Shine.”

In this presentation, Mary will inspire and motivate you to recognize and celebrate your own successes through the poignant stories she shares of her own personal challenges from overcoming shame and lack of self worth.  Audiences will identify with elements of her stories as their own and will walk away seeing their own brilliance in a new light.

You will learn:

  • How celebrating your successes can transform your life and business.
  • The many ways you can “own your successes” and let the world know you matter.
  • Why it’s perfectly okay to brag about yourself.

“Collaboration vs. Competition:  The Secrets to Creating Strategic Alliance Partners”

Mary shares her marketing secrets on how to create strategic alliance partners online and offline and develop leads and referrals faster to promote and increase sales.   In these economic times, how your clients find you and how you communicate your message is vital to the growth of your business.

You will learn:

  • Where to find your Strategic Alliance Partners
  • How to build your credibility online and offline
  • Relationship Networking skills you can use online and offline
  • What Makes a Good Strategic Alliance Partner for you and your business

“What Kind of Sales Dog 
Are You?”

Mary will explain in this hilarious and interactive workshop why knowing what kind of sales dog you are will help propel you, your sales team, and your business to the next level.   Some call it personality profiling, I call it doggie profiling.  You will walk away with the knowledge of how each dog thinks, how they communicate, and how well they can close a sale.  These are tools you can implement immediately after the workshop.

You will learn:

  • Your strengths, your sales team strengths and how to align the team together to generate more sales.
  • How to build relationships faster & easier
  • How to assign the right person to the right sales cycle
  • How to better communicate with your team so you can get the results you desire


Booking an Event:

If you are a meeting planner, program chair or booking speakers for events, then you’ll find Mary’s topics to be ideal for an audience of women entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, management, and college students.  Her speaking topics can be customized for small and large companies, corporations, and women’s organizations.  Mary can tailor her presentations for a keynote speech or to a full day training (20 minutes to 6 hours).  She’ll make every minute engaging, informative & interactive.

For bookings, contact Mary 415.237.3367 or  

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Mary Liu she is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Visibility Empowerment Mentor, Facilitator, and Best-Selling Author of “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women“. As a serial entrepreneur since the age of 22, she built two successful six-figure businesses and recently launched her third. Mary is a life-long learner and a graduate of Peak Potentials Quantum Leap Business & Personal Development Program, Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Certification Program, and a Certified Master Facilitator.  She is also a Coachville Associate Certified Coach.

Mary is the Founder of Empowered Women Speakers and her mission is help women find their voice, speak their truth and release their shame and secrets that are showing up as challenges in their relationships, careers, and their life so they can start living a more joyful and fulfilling life in authenticity.

She facilitates empowerment retreats and provides mentoring to support women to share their stories, to be heard, and to step into their brilliance and be seen. She believes if you own your story, you will own your success. She is the creator and producer of the “Speak Your Truth, A Women’s Empowerment Conference”.

After 46 years of hiding behind her shame and secrets and not having a voice or allowing herself to be seen, Mary now shares her personal story of overcoming her personal challenges of shame, lack of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance stemmed from her facial birth defect and the death of her parents and how that affected her personal and professional life.

She speaks globally to inspire women to remove their mask that many of us hide behind, a mask that shields us from experiencing true happiness, self-worth, being our authentic self, and keeping us from experiencing inner peace. She empowers them to be visible, to have a voice, and to be seen. Mary has spoken on international stages and inspired audiences as large as 18,000 at national conventions, women’s organizations, corporations, networking events, radio shows, and international television talk shows.

Mary shares her authentic and raw delivery of her story through keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and in her book. Audiences love Mary for her ability to take them on an emotional roller coaster ride throughout her storytelling and inspiring them along the journey.  Mary’s message is one of empowerment and inspiration.

In her business presentations and training, Mary is best known for her signature step-by-step interactive training programs that are delivered with a heart centered approach to generate results.  She also has the ability to take complex subjects and translate it into easy-to-understand actions steps for her audience and clients.

Additionally, she coaches women speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to craft and tell their stories and how to incorporate it into their marketing to generate leads, make more sales, and attract their ideals clients.

Mary is the Executive Managing Director of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of eWomenNetwork, one of the largest professional businesswomen networking organizations in North America. She is known as a strategic business connector in her community.

Mary has shared the stage and been mentored by Alex Mandossian, T. Harv Eker, Tom Antion, Marcia Wieder, Blair Singer, and Leela Francis.

She gives back to her community by supporting Smile Train, an organization that is close to her heart and mentoring low-income women entrepreneurs.

Her passions include traveling, ballroom dancing, and spending time with her family. She resides in San Francisco, CA.

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Download Mary’s Speaker Sheet


What Others Say About Mary’s Speaking Presentations:

“Mary Liu’s presentation titled “Own Your Successes” was truly inspirational for me.  When she shared the photo of her as a child with her handicap, and then later in the presentation sharing how she overcame that challenge to be on stage in front of several thousand people at the Edward Jones Stadium in St. Louis was truly remarkable.  I was positively moved by Mary’s story.”  Peter Alexander, PhDDirector of Everything Grows Interior Landscaping, Danville, CA

“I’ve had the great pleasure and honor to hear Mary Liu speak on stage and I was deeply moved by her authenticity and her inspiring message. I would gladly attend any presentation or training she has to offer. She is a powerful and encouraging being and I would be excited to learn from her.” 
Deloris Piper, Registered Sign Language Interpreter, COI, Vancouver, BC


“Mary gives a very insightful program.  My team learned a lot about ourselves in the presentation and it allowed us to understand how our different personalities interact with our clients. Thank you!”  Jameson Triplett,  Lead Trainer at Mulesoft, San Francisco, CA

“You are such an inspiring female leader, and I love having positive role models like you around me to help me succeed as well.”
  Dr. Anh Nyugen, Pharmacist, New Jersey


What Others Say About Mary’s Workshops & Training:

“I’ve had the privilege of having taken both live trainings and webinars taught by Mary, and she is the ultimate professional – both in her preparation, and her delivery!” ~ Maria McKiernan, PC First Shopping, Hawley, PA

“Mary is very intentional, knowledgeable and has great attention to details. If you want someone to get the job done, hire Mary!”  ~ Cathy Morrey, Resolve This Conflict, San Jose, CA

“I’ve been in a live training and several webinars conducted by Mary. She’s very committed, knows her stuff and has my ear whenever I can make the time. Keep doing what you do so well. ~ Denise Harrell McMillon, Denari Travel, Palmdale, CA

“Mary is all about helping others with full heart!” ~ Grace Huang, Farmers Insurance, Sunnyvale, CA

 “Mary is professional, caring and dedicated.”~ Jane Bernard, Jane Bernard Photography, Santa Fe, NM

“Mary taught me more about Creating My Look on the Web than I could imagine.  WOW she is a wealth of information.  Very patient and precise explaining what may seem like simple things to make your page professional and user friendly.  THANK YOU!” ~ Joyce Jacoby, Adventures Plus Travel, Denver, CO

“So grateful for her skill and knowledge! Mary did a great job coaching me through a variety of ways to improve the cohesiveness of my blog, my Facebook personal profile, my Fan Page. By implementing her great tips, I’ll better serve my clients and grow my business. Thank you so much, Mary!!” ~ Lynda Hammitt, Your Magnificence Unleashed, Sacramento, CA







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