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Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.

Every year women are overcoming several odds and making tremendous leaps and bounds. Everything they do must be about balance. Women businesses have been the backbone of this economy for decades due to their leadership-as we have seen in Eleanor Roosevelt and Sandra Day O’Connor-along with vision, drive and inspiration.

As we kick-off the second week of“Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned businesses” Series meet Mary Liu, Founder of Empowered Women Speakers who is a mother of two college-aged young men and have been married for 24-years. During her busy schedule as a mother and wife she has not only been a serial entrepreneur for over 28 years, built two successful six-figure businesses and recently launched a third one but is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Visibility Business Coach and Best-Selling Author of “Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women.“

Tell us more about Empowered Women Speakers? 
I teach women entrepreneurs both on and offline marketing strategies to gain visibility and credibility to help position themselves as the expert in their field. My strategies are designed to catapult women businesses. I have this passion for women because I have been able to overcome shame, low self-esteem issues, and feelings of not being worthy since childhood because of my birth defect.

This defect had caused me to go into “hiding” and not wanting to be “seen.” It had affected both my personal and professional life. It wasn’t until the age of 45 that I had the courage to speak my truth. Speaking my truth has taken my life to a new empowering direction. I want to pass this courage of speaking the truth on to other women who may be experiencing similar issues within their lives.

What are some tips that you can share with women business owners?
1. Ask for support. You don’t need to be superwoman and do it all yourself.
2. Celebrate, acknowledge, and own your successes everyday. No matter how small or grand they are.
3. Have a positive mindset. Surround yourself with people who is like-minded and are rooting for your success.
4. Believe in your dreams, take a leap of faith and act upon it. Then, trust yourself with your decision.

What does the future hold for Empowered Women Speakers? 
My mission is to create a community for aspiring women speakers and entrepreneurs dedicated to building relationships focused on collaboration, support and business growth. My vision is to have women from across the world share in our wisdom circles to empower, educate, and mentor others. I strive for women to step in their greatness to Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be Seen!

With such a successful business, do you have any time to give back?
I provide business coaching to the women entrepreneurs at Urban Solutions, a non-profit
organization that supports low-income women to create their businesses. I am also in the process of volunteering with Women’s Initiative, another non-profit that supports low-income women to start their businesses.

“Believe in Your Dreams. Take a Leap of Faith. Trust Yourself.”

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Speaking Your TruthI am so proud to announce the launch of the third and final Volume of Speaking Your Truth which is now available!  Become acquainted with 42 remarkable women who bravely share their stories including myself.

Stories create a way to bring people together. If you look back on history, we see through the sharing and passing of stories, we’ve been able to learn, laugh, and connect with others. In the light of tragedy, such as the recent Aurora shootings in Colorado, it’s through the stories we hear of heroism and bravery that shed light on the future.

As these 42 women who have joined together share their own personal triumphs and tragedies, it’s clear that they feel the same way. Stories unite.

“The compilation is about bringing people together. We’ve all experienced something in our life that can help heal another person. Simply sharing it with others and bringing it to light can do wonders for the community,” says co-creator Andrea Costantine.

The stories of these women range from those of losing a loved one, motherhood, dealing with cancer, getting fired, finding themselves, illness, and abortion. The stories cover the spectrum of the many issues and concerns women face today. These stories comprise the third and final volume of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women, and anthology series that has been written by women for women.

“I was moved to bring these stories together, when I was dealing with my own divorce. I was a then, newly single mother of two young girls. I felt devastated. The only hope I found was within hearing stories from other women who had made it through the exact place I had been,” says Co-Ceator and Founder Lisa Shultz.

Many people hold on to their life stories, yet Speaking Your Truth has given women an opportunity to escape from the secrecy of their past and give hope to others who may be in a similar situation.

Grab your paperback copy or Kindle edition today! Click here for the link to Amazon.

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Article written by Lisa Shultz

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