Jan 172013

I teach entrepreneurs about online and offline visibility and how that can create credibility for their business. What are your thoughts about Lance Armstrong confessing to doping during his career? This will definitely create more visibility for him, but his credibility is down the tubes!

What advice would you give him to build back up his credibility?

Jan 032013

There’s a man hidden in this picture.  Can you see him?  This is a great example of something right in front of your nose, and sometimes you can’t see it and everyone else can.  I know that happens to me when I have a challenge in my business and I’m too close to the situation that I just can’t see the answer.    Has that ever happened to you?  Who do you go to for support to help you with your business challenges?

(Photo Courtesy of Liu Bolin / Galerie Paris-Beijing)
Jul 242012

I just discovered a cool YouTube tool that is genius to market your business.  It’s called the Search Stories Video Creator.  Enter up to six queries and choose a musical track, and the video creator will produce your own story.  When the video is done, you can upload it to your YouTube account.

With this tool, you get a professional quality video for free.  Imagine all of the ways this could be used to gain visibility for you and your business to Be Seen! ~  business ads, nonprofit campaigns, photo tours, videos & more!   Each one would be an ad for Google, but worth it for the creativity that can be unleashed.

Check out my search story, and share a link to yours in the comment section.

Mar 042012

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